Film, TV, Games & Medievalism

“This collection, edited by Carol Robinson and Pamela Clements, is bookended by the brief attempts of Richard Utz and Terry Jones to contextualize an increasingly popular neologism. Utz situates neomedievalism squarely within Jean Baudrillard’s procession of simulacra in its ‘creat(ion) of pseudo-medieval worlds that playfully obliterate history’ with a simulacra of the medieval, employing images that are neither an original nor the copy of an original, but altogether ‘Neo'” (v). The sly evocation of the Wachowski brothers’ films works on a number of levels. To undertake such analyses one needs to spend long hours within the matrix, but still be willing to unplug, to have one’s suspension of disbelief suspended. Utz’s pun also hints at the strange companionship of science fiction and medievalism, which, though it has a very long history, seems especially intense in recent popular media.” Nickolas Haydock, Arthuriana 23/2 (2013), 77-80 (77).

Read the essay: Richard Utz, “A Moveable Feast: Repositionings of ‘The Medieval’ in Medieval Studies, Medievalism, and Neomedievalism.” In: Neomedievalism in the Media: Essays on Film, Television, and Electronic Games. Ed. Carol L. Robinson & Pamela Clements. Lewiston: Mellen, 2012.