Nationalism and F.N. Robinson’s Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer

Jessica Barr and Katharine W. Jager, Year’s Work in English Studies 90.1 (2011), p. 179: “Richard Utz discusses the significance of Robinson’s 1933 edition of Chaucer’s Works in the context of the transformation of medieval studies more generally. Robinson’s volume, Utz argues, initiates a shift in the national centre of Chaucerian studies away from Germany and towards the United States. The Complete Works, his essay suggests, reflects the American pragmatism and emphasis on ‘facts’ and, importantly, American scholars’ self-assertion against German scientistic philology.”

For the full story, read: Richard Utz, “The Colony Writes Back: F.N. Robinson’s Complete Works of Geoffrey Chaucer (1933) and the Translatio of Chaucer Studies to the United States.” Studies in Medievalism 19 (2010): 160-203.