Remembering Ritual Murder

“Remembering Ritual Murder: The Blood Accusation in Medieval and Contemporary Cultural Memory.” In: Genre and Ritual: The Cultural Heritage of Medieval Rituals. Ed. Eyolf Østrem, et al. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press, 2005. 145-62.

Carol M. Cusack, Journal of Religious History (2007): “This volume contains some genuinely interesting and detailed studies […]. Richard Utz’s ‘Remembering Ritual Murder: The Anti-Semitic Blood Accusation Narrative in Medieval and Contemporary Cultural Memory’ cleverly links the medieval tale of Hugh of Lincoln with the 2002 death of Jewish journalist Daniel Pearl, among other later historical incidents.”

See further:

Richard Utz, “Hugh von Lincoln und der Mythos vom jüdischen Ritualmord.” In: Herrscher-Helden-Heilige. Ed. Werner Wunderlich and Ulrich Müller. Konstanz: Universitätsverlag, 1996. 681-92.